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My name is Tabitha.  In short, I am a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, writer, homesteader, permaculturist, crafter and a Do’er of all things odd.  I run our website/blog were I share my writings and discoveries as if  you are a dear friend or family member and sitting across the table from me with a fresh hot cup of coffee.

I share.

And I love coffee!

I live, with my amazing husband, on the Oregon Coast in the Pacific Northwest where he literally bought me 2 acres, handed me the parcel map and told me to “Make it a our sanctuary where we can love on each other into retirement!”

He jokes he is my “Financier” But to be honest, since I retired in 2011, he really is my financier!

I retired from being a 911 dispatcher to work solely on the land.  Shaping and building it from what resides in my mind, into the sanctuary that is emerging before our vary eyes.  More on that, later. Trust me.

We like to have fun.  Which means we are goofy and constantly cracking jokes.  We value life and friends and we have had our share of heartaches.  We know how precious life truly is and we choose joy each day.  We are fully aware that to some… we are nauseating to be around.

We are fully OK with that.

Choosing Joy looks like this…..

I am a writer.  I wrote my first book at the age of ten and sitting above my head are 7 complete manuscripts that my kids can read when I am gone.

I have 3 of the most amazing and wonderful adult young ladies that any women would be blessed to have.  But I am a little bias… no really, they are terrific kids!  They are also all strong willed… and honestly, don’t piss off the youngest, she could kick your rear.

I am not joking! 😉

I started my first blog, which still exists were I transcribed most of my journal’s I kept during my first marriage (and second).  Yes, I am divorced, I will talk about that.  You can see those journals here… They aren’t pretty.  I keep them up because they have, ironically, helped other woman that were in an abusive situation.  So up, they stay.  So, in the dead of night, a spouse may come to realize they aren’t alone.  While I do have plans to finish uploading my writings on that, they aren’t easy and it’s on the back of the to-do list for me.

Remember to choose joy!

My second blog, was ironically one of the top ten Law Enforcement Blogs in the nation for several years in a row.  “The Dispatcher and Her Officer” was in publication from 2008-2013.  We took it down for obvious reasons.  But, reserved all the posts for future release if we wanted to start it up again.

Stories to tell, we have!  But they can wait.  First we need Beauty!

Get it?  Beauty!

I then went on to write a third blog was called Thumperlane Homestead and for years lived on Blogger, which we shut down in 2016 and reopened in 2018 and changed it’s name to TheBettencourtsLife.com of which you are reading.

The only thing you need to know, is I am not perfect.  I make mistakes.  And when I do, I laugh myself all the way to the cleaning closet to grab the homemade cleaner and clean it up…. Then I jump on here to tell you what I did… so you don’t have to go through that mess.

Stick with me long enough and you will cry with me, laugh with me, and learn not to drink coffee while reading anything I write!  Trust me.

Happy reading, and choose joy!

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