Keeping cats off our counters… Pet Shock Mats

Our 2 barn rescue cats are driving us nuts. They refuse to stay off the table and counter’s of which are the only 2 rules I insist on. They literally have free range over the entire house. But they refuse to listen to me. Can you see how the phrase… What, were you raised inContinue reading “Keeping cats off our counters… Pet Shock Mats”

Canning Pickled Peppers and Carrots

This recipe is amazing. But sadly I can’t find it on the internet anymore so… Steven thank you we have enjoyed it for years. Below you will find my conversion for making it into a bigger batch. This is the amounts needed for a 25# bag of carrots. Make smaller batches but this is whatContinue reading “Canning Pickled Peppers and Carrots”

Review of the Chef Choice Meat Slicer

Why would you buy a meat slicer? You might be asking yourself that question. I did for so many years… Till I asked a friend how she got her homemade bread sliced so perfectly and she laughed exclaiming she just used her meat slicer! That right there was genius!!! I was also making our ownContinue reading “Review of the Chef Choice Meat Slicer”

Long Term Storage of Full Mason Jars

What is the best way to store those canned up mason jars that are full with perfect gold? It’s recommended that you don’t stack jars in order to prevent a false seal, so that leaves you with building shelves for every single layer of jars. Or, you can head on over to U-Line and purchaseContinue reading “Long Term Storage of Full Mason Jars”