Crafty Christmas Collab Week 1 Hot Cocoa Packets With The Cricut

There is nothing that warms my heart more then to sit around a table full of artists that are showing off their work and what they do and make… Which is probably why I love the YouTube community so much.  Because while they are hundreds of miles apart from each other they are still sitting around sharing what they are creating.

And this collaboration with a bunch of artists is exactly that… We are challenged to make 4 projects with one paper pad over the next 4 weeks….. And share it all through Instagram and YouTube!

My heart is totally full!!!!

Here is the announcement video with the paper flip through….

Bourbon Creek Crafts @bourboncreekcrafts started this challenge and her channel can be found here Where she will have a list of all the other crafters that are taken part in the challenge!

I love a good challenge but I really love these cute cocoa packets for my granddaughter to hand out at school. If you want to make them… Here is the link to the Cricut File:

You will need to have cricut access for the cut. Everything was used that was free with the access membership. Cricut peeps no what that means. 😉
Music in this video is “English Country Garden” Free via Youtube Music

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Crafting YouTube Channel:
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