It’s official. …. He wins!

Apparently I do have a line..

and a large hole in the rear-end is the exact line!

Many are probably looking at this going…. what? Just buy a new pair of pants then…. And while you would be right… you are missing the tug of war that my husband and I were having a huge joy in playing….. with each other…


And apparently the world! Or our small world around us that is….

You know.. those that actually had to see me walking around in these pants kind of world.

It started out simple.  My favorite pants I wear for everything, got a little hole in them.  They fit so snug and comfy it’s like wearing leggings.. but they are jeans.

He teases me with the hole… And I move them over to the farm clothing bin.  I wear them almost everyday and soon another pair comes over to the farm bin side…

My man keeps asking me if I need more jeans.  And he takes me down to the next town to get a few pair.  Of which I hate what they had and while I make due with them.. and don’t say a word… I secretly HATE THEM!

I keep my farm pants in the bin and keep repairing them.

He keeps joking… about them.

I keep patching them.

I am stubborn… he knows that.. It quickly turns into a game for us…. just as most things do around this land and in our marriage.  We have fun with life… and this will be no different!

He is now watching me add more patches to my jeans every few weeks.  Smiling each time.

I am now determined to add even more patches… waiting for him to finally declare… enough!!!!  And insist I throw them away!  To which I will calmly say.. “But they have so much more life in them!”

“I love them!  They are my favorite!!!”  And then point out that Anthropology sells jeans that look just like this….. for 180.00!!!!!!!

He comments, ever so patiently that he is waiting for the moment that the entire pair of jeans are covered in patches….

And to be honest…. So am I!

I am not sure when it started… but the farm only jeans eventually started to be worn out in public.  It started out just to pick up items at the feed store… and then the post office to get our mail…Then it started… The moment I just started to boldly walk out the door intentionally wearing my farm pants with a cute t shirt with a funny saying and a big oversized jacket or sweater.


I was owning it!!!!

These jeans sell for 180.00!!!!  I made these one of a kind creations… and the look on my man was priceless… He didn’t let it phase him.  He was having fun!

He was determined to see where the line was.  That line of me coming up to him and saying.. “Honey, I need new jeans.  I give up!”

I was determined to NEVER say that.  I am not a quitter!!!!!

Where is my line?  That is the question I would ask myself each time I pulled the jeans out of the dryer and inspected them for new rips or worn parts… I lost count at 27 patches.

27 times I sat down at the sewing machine and picked from my scrap fabric pile and cut and sewed on a new color or pattern.

27 times!

Last week I pulled the jeans out of the dryer and noticed it!!!  The rear end of the jeans that was getting thinner and thinner as I wore them…. The part of the rear I was worried about and just holding my breath in public when someone would pop up and say… “Oh you’re wearing black today!”  That moment…. occurred in the dryer….

I now have a huge hole in the rear end of the jeans…

The right cheek end if you should know.

I gasped… My husband, watching me, as I folded them, was smiling.  He remained silent as he fished through the pile matching up the socks… watching me folding them up and placing them on the table in our bedroom.  He asked, “You need to patch them again?”  Determined not to be a loser I shrugged and nodded….a ‘kind of nod’ not ready to throw in the towel.

Over the week I pondered the patch.  How would I place it?  The entire rear is very worn….any needle and thread would surely throw it over the edge and create more rips for sure.  Would I do the patch on the inside and have it look like I am wearing the same underwear every… single… day?  Or should I place a patch on the outside?  Proudly displaying the patch for all to see?  How big would I have to go with this patch so as not to make the rip even worse?  Or have it rip in public?  Should I make a large patch across both bums like they did for the kids in the 40’s during the war in England?  I actually got the book on mending in England during the war and read it over.  I could do that….

What fabric would I use?

At night I would lay in bed and contemplate my options.  Still not willing or ready to ask… for another pair of pants to replace this pair that will need a patch over the rear.

My husband, sees me looking at the pants and asks, with that sheepish grin… “You gonna repair them anytime soon?”

Me… “Yep, I’m working on it!”

Yesterday, as we were driving back from a few days down south… I asked as we came to the outlet mall if he would mind if we stopped in to see if they made these jeans I so love.

He smiled!  That sneaky Gotcha smile… But I still wasn’t caving.. I was just looking.  weighting my options!!!!!

As we looked through for the color and style and size.. I grabbed a few different pairs and went in to try them on.

The question in my brain for the last week has been…. “Where do I draw the line?”  “What is my line when it comes to wearing jeans with HUGE holes in them?”

My line became apparent when I tried on the jeans and they fit perfectly…. and were just as comfortable as the one’s I have been patching for the last 3 years.  If not more so… because they don’t have all the layers of the patches on them.  I stood in front of the mirror and tried to talk myself out of them.

“I am not a quitter!”  “He needs to be the one that says He’s done!!!!”  “I can’t go out in public and wear jeans with holes in my rear!!!!!!”  “I don’t want to be arrested for indecency!!!!”

Ok.. that last one was the kicker for me… because in my world.. in this small town… it would make Facebook for sure!

I headed out of the dressing room… and as my husband was looking at me with the questioning in his eyes…. I handed him the pair that was amazing…

“I give up!”  I say.  “I draw that line at a hole in my butt!!!!”  Then I say it… the one sentence every man loves to hear!  I smile wide and proudly exclaim “You win!”

This is where I love my man even more.  Because this has been a total game that we have been playing with each other.  Like…. there are no losers in this moment.  Just  laughter.  Fun moments in life where we will always remember each one of us holding out till the other one caved… and the other one not wanting to cave.. this right here is where memories are made!  A real marriage… with real fun…

Because to be honest… I could have gone shopping for pants…. 3 years ago!!!!!  But this is darn right fun on a ‘hole’ ‘notha level!!!

My man holding the pants looking them over… doesn’t miss a beat…. Looking at the numbers on the tag… He says… “Ok then… lets go over and get you several more pairs of these exact jeans…. so you have extras!”

I stood there, watching my man rummage through the pile.. happy as a husband can be that just heard his wife proclaim ‘You win!’ looking for the jeans he has been wanting to buy me for all these years…

You see, my man is the one that likes to take me shopping.  He is the one that likes to spend money on me, that watches me and sends me gifts through Amazon for tools or items he sees me needing.  I rarely ask for anything, because I have a man that watches nearly every move I make waiting for the opportunity to gift me something to show me He loves me.

Today….. it was 3 pairs of pants!


This evening he walked past the trash bin in the hall… “You’re throwing away your pants?” He exclaimed.  Like it was an option…..

Wait!  It was an option?  I thought.  I could still dig them out and wear them!!!!!  I stopped myself.  “Yep!  I give up for reals!”

“Darn, I was actually having fun watching you come up with ways to patch the holes.. I was waiting for entire pair of pants to be covered in patches!”

Wait!!!!!  I start thinking…. That’s an idea!!!!!

I love my man!

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