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Refinement – My Word of the Year!

I take each year quite seriously. I plan, design and execute the years in a way that will make me a better person in some way. This year feels as if it is the beginning to an end. The grand finale to a long… Continue Reading “Refinement – My Word of the Year!”

Looking Back at Happiness

Over the last several years I really started to look back at who I was before I moved to my community. Something just felt off, and honestly, I wasn’t liking who I was becoming. It felt as if something was drastically missing in my… Continue Reading “Looking Back at Happiness”

2020 The Year I Wanted To Quit But Didn’t. And What I Learned.

This is the week I step back clean up stuff from 2020 while contemplating what I want to focus on for the coming year. It’s the week I set aside for me. To hold myself up and look at what I accomplished and judge… Continue Reading “2020 The Year I Wanted To Quit But Didn’t. And What I Learned.”

Our Crumbling Communication System in The Age of Technology

2020 is the year we no longer question. Quite frankly, I am just sitting back and letting it roll through, analyzing all the data and learning opportunities of where I can improve upon, that it surely is bringing. I live in Tillamook County. And… Continue Reading “Our Crumbling Communication System in The Age of Technology”

Welcome To My Battlefield – Armor Up… This is War!

When I wrote my last article I was set on it being a single stand-alone article.  I wasn’t going to write anything further.  I was sharing my heart and the victory that can come from the hard internal work and that was it. When… Continue Reading “Welcome To My Battlefield – Armor Up… This is War!”

Being At War And Why I Choose To Be Victorious!

This week my husband walks in the door to me being honest with him when he asks how I am.  “I am in a battle at the moment”  I begin. I go on to open my heart and tell him about a long battle… Continue Reading “Being At War And Why I Choose To Be Victorious!”

Seeing Clearly In A New Decade

We finally went in to get new prescription glasses… By going in, I actually mean the office.  We finally walked in to the office and sat down to log in to to order new glasses for each of us. I know what you… Continue Reading “Seeing Clearly In A New Decade”

Week 7 of Building a Hiline Home – We Take a Tour of The Hiline Model Home and Talk Septic

Today we head in to the model home in Salem and talk to Obie about plans.

Building Community A Tea Party for Sweet Little Friends

I love to love on my friends.

Permaculture – Designing the Back Zone 4 into 5

Plants are movable.. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.