Lilac Vanilla Jelly

This always marks the beginning of canning season for me. The blooms on the bushes and the sweet smell wafting through the air, then brought into the house and canned up to be enjoyed till the next bloom of the Lilacs. Only use lilacs that come from a tree or bush that are not sprayedContinue reading “Lilac Vanilla Jelly”

Review of the Chef Choice Meat Slicer

Why would you buy a meat slicer? You might be asking yourself that question. I did for so many years… Till I asked a friend how she got her homemade bread sliced so perfectly and she laughed exclaiming she just used her meat slicer! That right there was genius!!! I was also making our ownContinue reading “Review of the Chef Choice Meat Slicer”

Long Term Storage of Full Mason Jars

What is the best way to store those canned up mason jars that are full with perfect gold? It’s recommended that you don’t stack jars in order to prevent a false seal, so that leaves you with building shelves for every single layer of jars. Or, you can head on over to U-Line and purchaseContinue reading “Long Term Storage of Full Mason Jars”

Growing up During World War II

With the way of the world going now, do you ever stop and wonder if your kids will be ok? How to get them through the turmoil if a war would hit us in these times? For years I have been fascinated with how people found the will and courage to survive during tough times.Continue reading “Growing up During World War II”

Word of the Year – Perfect and How I Found Me!

Reflecting on the past year is something I have always come to do.  I usually spend the week between Christmas and the New Year contemplating what was, what is, and what will be.  I spend the week intentionally being introverted.  Something I have really come to love in these last few years.   I go overContinue reading “Word of the Year – Perfect and How I Found Me!”

My Ride-a-long With The Police… It Broke My Heart.

I think the #1 question most of my family and friends have been asking me in the last few days has been: What was the ride-a-long like? Probably because I posted a photo of my feet standing on a street corner and they were all wondering why I was standing on a street corner!  ToContinue reading “My Ride-a-long With The Police… It Broke My Heart.”