Saving Money: Card Making with Paper Packs and my Cricut

Ok.. you are totally going to laugh at me… But I hate spending 5.00 for a birthday card in the stores.

But I love to send cards to my friends!

And I draw the line at stealing.

So there is a real issue here!

How do I send cards that don’t cost me 5.00???

I could go to the Dollar Store like so many of you do.  But I didn’t know about them carrying cards till now.  And well… My plan is even better then that.

I started watching video’s…. These all you can make card video’s from one paper pack… Trust me.  YouTube search for them and they are all over in plain sight.

Start with MayMay

Then Try Kristie Marcotte  Her blog post on that topic here is here

That right there is enough to send you totally into the world of Card making for cheap… and cute!  I also like different.  You know me.. I like different!

So here you go.. a cute video for you to watch…. Where I explain how and what I did it.


And my total in it all….

I bought the pack for 6.00
8 pieces of card stock .40(from my stash)
Used a Dollar of Glue 1.00
Card stock and Envelopes (.07 a set x 47) 3.29

Total was 10.69 in supplies…

61 cards and tags means they were .18 for each.

Or… .23 a card and lets consider the tags as free!!!

I like .25 a card!!!!!  I can live with that!


Trust me.. I need a manicure.. but this lady doesn’t have time, nor would I spend the money.  We didn’t pay off our land by splurging on those types of luxuries!   Well, that and I have to start seeding so we can eat this year!


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