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Unboxing The Happy Planner

I know, it seems so silly to talk about what planner I purchased.  But when you get right down to it there are so many reasons why I purchased the one I did.  So I go over the products I go and why I… Continue Reading “Unboxing The Happy Planner”

Wendy and I Talk Happy Planner’ing

I’m not sure it’s possible to live in this world anymore without having a planner of some sorts. And when Wendy pulls out her adorable calendar from the Dollar Store…

Fix Your Washing Machine and Other Odd Things That Motivate You!

I know, it sounds so odd that fixing a washing machine can literally jump start your whole new way of thinking…. I have always been someone that fixes things and tinkers with things… It’s just who I am.  If something is broken, you fix… Continue Reading “Fix Your Washing Machine and Other Odd Things That Motivate You!”

61 Cards from one Authentique Paper Pack – Valentine Cards

I am having an amazing bit of fun on cards and seeing just how many cards I can get out of one paper pack.  This time we are using Authentique’s Sweetheart Collection and making Valentine day cards and making note cards to send to… Continue Reading “61 Cards from one Authentique Paper Pack – Valentine Cards”

6X6 Paper Pad Card Challenge with a friend COMPLETED!!!!

When you live far from a friend.. finding ways to craft with them is a must.

Tuesday Morning Haul And a Store Closing

When you happen to be running an errand in the same town that a Tuesday Morning is located at… you stop and see what they have… And you notice the craft section is overflowing with items you just have to ask why??? Then you… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Haul And a Store Closing”

Holding on To Faraway Friends…

Many of us have them.  Friends that we held so dearly to and spent decades with only to have circumstances arise and one or both of you move away. I have that… With many friends.  And it makes for some very lonely moments when… Continue Reading “Holding on To Faraway Friends…”

Saving Money: Card Making with Paper Packs and my Cricut

Ok.. you are totally going to laugh at me… But I hate spending 5.00 for a birthday card in the stores.