No Paper Left Behind Paper Crafting Challenge… 45 Cards

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As I talked about in this video… Here is the video from the Tuesday Morning Haul with the paper flip through….

I have completed the October card challenge of the #NoPaperLeftBehind that so many others are doing. I must say I really loved finishing up a pad of paper and challenging myself to use it all.

Daniella Hayes is the one that started this challenge.. her channel is found here:

The other people in the challenge are:
Susan Tucker:
Sarah Crafting and Relaxing:
Tanisha K.:
Robin’s Feathered Nest:

I really loved this challenge!!!!

With that said, for those that use the Cricut to assist them in card making… Here is the Template I created and used… I simply cut out the first layer of the card and sent it through the Cricut in batches of 4… and it cut out the 3 inch circles for me to use on the cards.. under the sentiment cut-a-parts.

Here are the sentiments that I created with the Cricut:

You will need to have Cricut access for the cut-a-parts. All the images were free with access. Cricut peeps no what that means. 😉

Music in this video is “Thinking of Us” By Patrick Patrikios

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2 thoughts on “No Paper Left Behind Paper Crafting Challenge… 45 Cards

  1. My dear friend I absolutely Love your cards. We are such different crafter’s but both make beautiful cards. I love to use my scraps for cards too. My recent project I used the Christmas paper scraps from cards I made to make Christmas Trees. I do not use any machines in my card making. If I don’t have a stamp for sentiments I use sticker words or print out the sayings with my computer using Microsoft word. I use a lot of dimensional embellishments in my cards. I use Art Glitter Glue and Scor-pal double sided tape for my adhesive. My cards most definitely cost more to make than yours. I frequent my Tuesday Morning store as well, however, the craft section is really pitiful. I do have A Sizzix Embossing machine which I have hardly used. I bought my first metal die for it last week. Something new I am adding to my card making process to step my cards up a notch. Wish we lived closer so we could craft together. Love you and love watching your videos. I plant to start doing videos at some point in the future. First I have to get the ton of cards I have made pictured, ready for sales and listed in my inventory. Until later my friend..Love you.


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