Seeing Clearly In A New Decade

We finally went in to get new prescription glasses…

By going in, I actually mean the office.  We finally walked in to the office and sat down to log in to to order new glasses for each of us.

I know what you are saying in your head to me right now.  I have heard it so many times.  My prescription is special and I have to go to a real place and pay 600.00 per pair.

Too which I will just look at you and tell you…..  No… No you don’t.  You choose to give someone else hundreds of dollars that you work hard for.

For 99.5% of us… we can get our glasses from an online site.  We just need to learn how.  And the best part about it is they have articles and videos that literally teach us how to order.

And if that doesn’t cut it for ya.. They have an 800# and an online chat feature where they will walk you through the whole process.

But how can I try on the glasses is the next complaint.  I’m picky with what I wear!  Nothing looks good on me….

To which I will kindly instruct you that you take a photo of yourself and upload it to the computer and virtually try on every single pair of glasses they have…. in a day….

Sure… Zenni Optical isn’t for everyone.. But I remember the conversation I had with my husband that day we walked out of the Dr’s office having ordered his glasses and the lenses alone were 250.00!!!

“Let’s just try it and see if they work?  What really do we have to lose?”

The 60.00 we spent on his first pair of glasses … of which I would like to stop here and say.. they became his favorite pair the second week he received them is not sooner.. and he doesn’t even wear the other pair… Was well worth it.

So why do I write this?  Because we all should be saving as much as possible.  And I just ordered 5 pairs of glasses!!!!

Yes 5!!!!

I got a new pair of regular glasses… and a pair specifically for the computer!!!!  Life is so much easier when I don’t have to strain my neck to see the computer screen…. This is what happens when you get old and need bifocals!

And my husband finally took the leap.. He ordered a new pair for everyday for him… and 2 pairs for the computer… 1 for home and 1 for work.  No more neck pain for him!!!

The best deal of all is while they all together cost 50% less then my last pair of glasses I got from my actual Dr… We don’t have to drive ALL the way back in to town to pick them up and get fitted.


They teach us how to fit them ourselves.. and they deliver them right to our door!!!

What could be better then that?  Door deliver, savings of money and time!!!!!

And yes. they have glasses for kids.  Trust me.. If I had kids that wore glasses in this day and age.. I wouldn’t be getting them anywhere but here!  (unless they were part of that .5% we talked about earlier.

You know, I saved enough that I could literally buy another pair in a different color…..

And while I really miss the chance to get coffee at Bentleys…. I’ll be in town again.. there will be more coffee soon.



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