Canning Salsa

Today While on Tic Tok we did a live event and then an actual video post on just how simple and easy it is to can homemade salsa.

It really is that simple!

We used this book:

Put ’em Up! By Sherri Brooks Vinton which is an amazing canning book to add to your bookshelf!

Not only is the salsa recipe a hit in our family, but this is also the book I use for the Salsa Verde I canned up every year.

This was a simple water bath canning method, where we just used the following equipment…

In Total I got 19.5 jars on the 2 batches that I made today and each jar cost just .46 a jar. Keeping in mind I actually had to buy the tomatoes and cilantro and Jalapenos. Which normally I would grow and wouldn’t have to purchase them in the store. All in all, I am pretty happy with that sale on tomatoes.

Happy Canning my friends! You can do this!!!


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