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Growing up During World War II

With the way of the world going now, do you ever stop and wonder if your kids will be ok? How to get them through the turmoil if a war would hit us in these times? For years I have been fascinated with how… Continue Reading “Growing up During World War II”

The Sale is for Dinner – Planing The Weekly Dinner Menu!

Years ago, sitting at a friends house, she was commenting on how expensive groceries had become. I think of that moment often these days. Because, I have never seen groceries so expensive in my life! She was trying to get idea’s of what to… Continue Reading “The Sale is for Dinner – Planing The Weekly Dinner Menu!”

The Savings and Meals Out Of One Whole Chicken – On Sale!

I am perusing through the new grocery add and while groceries are becoming increasingly more expensive as the days go on… I though I would write about the beauty of the whole chicken. It was years into my adult hood that I finally tackled… Continue Reading “The Savings and Meals Out Of One Whole Chicken – On Sale!”

Today I show you how we looked inside many different model homes without even leaving the comfort of our own home.

Building Community A Tea Party for Sweet Little Friends

I love to love on my friends.

Week 5 of Building a Hiline Home – Let’s Talk DEQ Inspections and Poop!

Fred… what were you thinking????

Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!

This is our journey in the building of our dream home.  It’s not paid by HiLine in anyway.  All though I wouldn’t be opposed if they wanted to put a side garage door in for me… We forgot to add that in. Our journey… Continue Reading “Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!”

Week 1 of Building a Hiline Home We Call Them Estimates

Trust me don’t call them bids. Call them Estimates.

Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden

Life in the garden is precious.  We recently had to move a large amount of plants.  So come with me as we check in on them and see their surprising progress. Thank you for watching.  Please leave a comment and we will get back… Continue Reading “Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden”

Week 0 of Building a Hiline Home The Announcement

So many have wondered what we have been up to. I ripped out the garden.. I tore all the plants out that I so dearly lovingly put into place… Why???