Keeping cats off our counters… Pet Shock Mats

Our 2 barn rescue cats are driving us nuts. They refuse to stay off the table and counter’s of which are the only 2 rules I insist on.

They literally have free range over the entire house. But they refuse to listen to me.

Can you see how the phrase… What, were you raised in a barn fits here?

Get it?? Hahahaha

So recently we were joking about electrifying the table and counters and then just after we were joking about it…. Amazon was showing us add in social media for products that do just that… Only in a more humane, safe way!

So we laughed about it. Then jumped on it and bought them. Since it was amazon prime day we bought 2 different kind and this is our review on both of them.

This first mat we opened was by Seerway. Scat Pet shock mat It came 2 to a pack and they seemed like a really good deal till we discovered the cats could walk on top of them for several seconds without them being triggered.

They do have 3 modes… Beep only, Buzz only, and beep then buzz… The quality seems a little less then the other mats and not as efficient. Here is a video of Charlie.. Look how long it takes for it to go off while he is standing on it.

The other mat is Dog Care Pet shock mat The quality of this mat just feels more superior. It lays flat nicer and the controller on it seems to be of higher quality. It also has the same 3 modes. But the feature to turn it off an on is on the side and much easier to use.

It also reacts faster when a cat walks on it. Here is the video of Henry’s first run in with the mat…

Here is the Tiktok of both animals and my initial review… you can see Charlie literally standing on top of it for awhile before it even goes off.


ok.. let’s see some video of the training mats in progress… there is definitely one we are preferring over the other. I will do a product review and comparison in a few more days. #catsoftiktok #cats #kittensoftiktok #trainingcats my flowers are guarded like #fortknox

♬ original sound – The Bettencourt’s

Honestly, we like the Dog Care one so much we ordered 2 more. Here is the review of both of those below…

Before I close out on this let me say, comment carefully. I can not be in the room with them all the time and I run this homestead. Meaning there are safety reasons why I don’t want them on the counter and table. Hot items, food and items that are dangerous for them… and Charlie, who is getting bigger and still insists on jumping behind the tiny hole behind the fridge. My fear is one day while I am out doing errands he will get himself stuck once again and I won’t be there to rescue him.

So these mats, that give a tiny shock equivalent to sticking your tongue on a 9 volt battery… could be the very thing that saves his life till he finally learns he is not supposed to be up there!

All links to products are amazon affiliate links of which there is no charge to you… but I do get a small fee from Amazon.


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