Book Review: UnF??? Yourself By Gary John Bishop

I hesitated to post this review… For one reason only…. The name of the book!

It was recommended by a friend … I will stop right now and say that this friend… we have sat side by side in battles together.  I do not question her reasons for reading a book with this title.. I did however laugh at the title… I was actually sitting in a book store… directly in front of this book on display at the time she recommended it to me…

I laughed so hard I almost spilt my coffee!

I know a lot of people that get offended by foul language.  To us… this is not the form a words we would choose to communicate with daily… but we both know that this is a form of language that many relate to.

If this language offends you… Don’t read any further… and don’t read this book… And don’t go into Law Enforcement in ANY capacity!


With that out of the way… I actually got a lot out of the book.

  1.  I love the authors Scottish accent!!!  He read the book.
  2. Don’t expect different results in your life if you are not willing to change what you are doing right now.

Remember when I read Girl, wash your face?  This would be the secular version of that book.  While Girl, wash your face wasn’t filled to the brim with Christian verses and biblical theology.. You could get the hint of what she was saying was through a thin lens of the Christian life…

There is no lens on this book…

At all…

What so ever…

And you might wonder why in the world did I read a book that was written by someone that wasn’t a christian?

Because I have free will and I can.

I also put everything I read through an internal filter and regurgitate it back out with the clean version.  It’s something I have been doing for over 20 years… You get good at what you practice.

About the Author… He is a Personal Development Expert.  Meaning he coaches people in how to move on and being succesful and become their dreams.

I’m not sure when I stopped seeking the assistant of life coaches… Probably when I left the 6 figure salary to become a 911 dispatcher.  Not sure it would have been celebrated there… (I am joking!!!)  But his book made me realize I miss having someone to explain things to and then mentor me into working towards that reality.  Something that was actually offered at the first church I attended… which was awesome!  Become a Christian and get one on one help with turning your life to God in business and your personal life!  Yay!!!!

Yes, I firmly believe we should all have someone to help us work towards our dreams and goals… someone on the outside that can guide us through life and keep us moving forward towards our goals of being the best version of us we can be.

So, what did I learn… Don’t think because you are on the lower income class that you are destined to be fat and poor.  Those are stereotypes… and you don’t have to follow them… You can rise above them.

Don’t sit and watch TV all day and expect your dreams to come true… Ironic when you think about what I was doing while listening to this book…. Like building a freaking 80 foot wall!!!!!


OK.. so far the wall is only 55 feet.. and I ran out of bricks.. more are on order… But his point is totally true… Don’t sit there dreaming if you don’t really want to work for it!

And please don’t give me excuses… You do not want to know my limitations that I am working through to build this wall.  I know… You might have some massive limitations.. but you can still work towards your dreams… one small step at a time!

Lastly… He made awesome points about being over-weight.  I hear ya… Don’t keep eating the same and beat yourself up for not losing the weight!

I will get right on that… as soon as I finish the container of Ice Cream Sigraid (My new tourist friend I met in line yesterday) made me buy.  OK.. she didn’t make me buy it….

Ya, she did… I am sticking with that story… She’s an Ice Cream Pusher!!!!!

Which just means I need to work double hard to get that weight off… and go back to the rule of NO ICE CREAM IN THE HOUSE!

I hate to admit it.. but I liked the book.  We really have to stop using excuses… and I miss my life coaches I have had in my life… I need to look into finding someone that is goal oriented and wants to encourage each other in our endeavors…. I did have to filter out quite a few moments … Like when you die you die.. that’s it… Ummmm…

When I die I go to GLORIOUS HEAVEN!!!!!!!

But it was refreshing having someone reaffirm what I learned in the Girl, Wash Your Face book.  That I can reach my dreams.. I can work hard and have those dreams and I can do it… Stop letting others determine my path… Follow the dreams that God put in my heart and….

Then this book…. Just do it now!!!!!  No excuses!!!

See.. I refrained from typing a naughty word!  😉  Whew!!!!


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