Book Review: A little Salty to cut the Sweet!

This book is a little different from what I have been listening to lately.  There isn’t a theme of self-help… or change in path to consider in my life with this book…. It’s just simply…. A book of sweet stories… of the author’s life and family.

And I loved the journey going down memory lane.

Sophie Hudson, the author, narrates it herself and her southern accent mezmerizes you into the book with her drawl of ‘ya’ll’ and ‘mama’.  I love southern accent’s.

A little Salty to cut the Sweet makes you want to bring out the fine china… Rosenthal Hillside China to be exact….

Here’s a photo of what that china looks like… Because you know I stopped to do a google on it…

Rosenthal Hillside China


Of course we would then fry up some fried chicken and invite our family over for some supper… were we would love each other endlessly and laugh over tea… and feel an overwhelming acceptance and love…

Her family sounds heavenly.

Then you hear that during a move her mother carefully packed that china and instead of getting placed in the front seat of her mama’s car… you will have to read the book for the rest… I am pretty sure I will always remember what I was doing on this land when she told that story.

My heart fell in sadness.

That’s also when I had to stop and look up what the china looked like.

She went on to talk about loss and growing old and love and kids and everything in between… I loved how she made me feel as if she was talking to me while we were sitting at her kitchen nook table… Not the dinning room table.. The little table in the kitchen.. where we made biscuits together and laughed…. at her sad stories because they were funny and sad and heart warming at the same time.. and she has a wit that is so funny…. you just can’t believe she is saying what she is saying…

And there is a small part of me that wants to send her the directions for cooking bacon in the oven…. baking sheets at a time!  🙂  But I will refrain from doing that.. because her way is way more funnier and we all need a friend like she has… that we can call and he will just ask what he needs to bring before his long drive over to see her.

I really felt sorry for her dad… what in the world possessed him to learn to make biscuits from a lady in the town.. other then his wife????

This is the south we are talking about.  🙂

The book was a heart warming, fun moment in time that I needed while I was digging dirt and building stairs… If you are interested… she runs a blog… and a podcast.. and she can be found here…

For now.. I am on to my next book as I head back out to pour concrete!

People are amazing and stories hold us together and bring us closer… If that wasn’t true… then God wouldn’t have written the bible with so manu author’s using stories and word pictures to knit us all together.

Tell your stories… They matter!

Love you my friends!


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