Yes, That’s us on Instagram!

By now several of you have commented “You’re on Instagram???”

To which I just say “Yep!”

It’s usually followed by questions as to why and when and I have gotten very good at changing the topic to another one.  Usually brownies or the weather!  God, please send rain….

But after a bit of playing and sneaking myself onto the platform… of which it is pretty hard to sneak on!  (Because you use one hashtag and the world finds you!) I sat down and prayed about it.

And this is what I have discovered:

I have been through a lot… We have been through a lot!

We saw a different side of humanity that to be frank, we knew existed but we didn’t know it actually existed within churches AND this line of work.  But biblically, it’s right there smack on the pages of Romans warning us about it!




I choose to be happy.  I choose whether I want to remain in the pit of darkness or whether I climb myself out of it and shake off the dust and I choose how I am going to proceed into the world.

So I joined Instagram to see what it was about.

Not ANOTHER social media site!!!!!!  Is what I have been heard saying in the past.  ‘No… I am staying only with Facebook.  I don’t want another site’ is also another phrase I have said.

And yes, I even quite Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and G+..

I used to be on all of them.  And I will never get my followers back…  Honestly, that’s perfectly fine with me.  God brings me the people He wants to see what I share.  Exactly how it should be.

I never want that to change….

But… I wanted a place to share the beauty I see every day!  And, since I started looking for beauty… I see it everywhere!!!! In everything.  It was when I started sharing our turmoil… was when I noticed people were being touched.  By the rawness, and relating clearly to it in their own life.  That’s when the whispering of healing started to be heard murmuring through my social media world.


Oh don’t get me wrong… I was put in my place… Satan wanted me to sit down and behave like a pretty little girl.  He took his best shot… (he almost won.  Let that sink in.)  but he is not the boss of me!  God is!!!  And God whispered into my ear to get back up!  Stand tall!  I am the one that fights your battles for you and you young lady are a princess!!!!!

And princess’ don’t cower in a corner!  They get up and follow Me!  And I have a job for you!!!

I know, you are wondering what Instagram and this job He has for me, have in common… and… honestly… I have no clue… But that isn’t my job right now.  Right now, I am looking at beauty in life….

Instagram is simply a place I share… the beauty I see in my every day life.  If you have already found me you may have noticed a theme…. It’s me… in my daily life… taking photos… of what I find beautiful!


It’s what BEAUTY looks like to me.

It’s messy and pretty and hard and loving. It’s down right hilarious at times!!!  It’s about caring and sharing and with as few words as possible… it’s about real life in the eye’s of a Christian woman.  One who know’s she was saved.  One who has received grace and mercy in abundance that to not speak about it would be the ultimate crime!

We all have hard times.  We all need to be dusted off and we all have to find a way to make this world personable for each of us… Full of meaning and love and life.  The best thing in life is that that will look different for each of us.   The one thing that was constant… was as long as I kept my eye’s on Jesus…. He was pointing me towards daily beauty.  Little miracles that only He could show me… and the more I looked towards Him… the more I sought out His love and His beauty… the more my heart started to notice the simply beauty that is all around us.


Life is beautiful.  Even through the tears of loss… a crying child… a hurt leg…You can find the beauty in it…. If you look!



So, through Instagram, I am showing you the beauty in my world… what I see…. on the other side of the camera lens!

It really is that simple.

Oh, except the name change…. @thebettencourts will be the theme going forward.  😉

Published by thebettencourts

Jesus lover. Wife. Mother. Writer. Homesteader. Permaculturist. Do'er of the odd things as I take you on my daily journey's of what I find beautiful. If you are reading this... I am treating you as a dear friend. Or one of our beautiful daughters. Life is worth fighting for and excelling in. Never give up!

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