Book Review: Fervent By Priscilla Shirer



Fervent By: Priscilla Shirer

If I summed this whole review up in one paragraph it would be this.

This book should be on every believing women’s bookshelf to pull out and read when the enemy even thinks of attacking her.  It should be marked up and dog eared and well read to prevent the takeover of our heart.

There… I did it in two sentences.

And it’s total truth.  Because my sweet friends… Priscilla writes truth throughout the book.  She starts every single chapter with ‘If I were your enemy’.  Now here is where I will let you in on a little secret… on my personal Facebook page.. the one where I literally would have had to have seen you face to face and had a conversation with you… Or you be one of the handful of friends (4 to be exact) that I am friends with and haven’t…. yet… met face to face… I will post what I am studying daily on my page.  So I snap a little pic of wording or something that strikes me and stands out.  I post it…nearly every morning.. or when the Holy Spirit nudges me to share….

A few chapters into this book I started sharing the photo of the “if I were your enemy” sections… Just one paragraph… and no joke.. after the second morning.. (I read 1 chapter a day here) I started getting messages and comments on those photos… asking what I was reading.

I now have a plethora of friends that also have read this book from those morning photo shots…..

And my sweet friends…. That is frightening to the enemy.  To have a group of women that all have the same knowledge of his antics and tactics!!!!!  Willing to call his slithery ways out in a heartbeat???  Yep… run in fear my lizard friend.  Run in fear!

The book is FULL of biblical versus to cement into our memories so the Holy Spirit has internal ammo to fire back into our brain as we are nearing a critical moment of weakness.  They are all neatly tucked inside chapters according to our past, family, identity, focus, passion, hurts, relationship and pressures, purity and fears.

There are cards in the back of the book that you tear out and write your own prayers for the topic of the chapter… I made a promise to myself that I would take it very seriously.. and not only wrote out a prayer for each chapter… but I stuck with it and prayed each morning every single card… before I started the next chapter.


It wasn’t easy.  When I started the first chapter I couldn’t remember the sentance I read before the last one.  I stopped…. re-read the sentence again and again… till I could remember it and retain it.  There were some days my mind was so NOT focused that it took me hours to get through one chapter.  I was that determined to ingest this book.

I am so blessed I took the time….

You know when the enemy pulls up beside you and tells you how worthless you really are… No one really likes you?  Why do you even smile… People know how horrible you really are…. Turn to page 102 and right there in the chapter talking about our past is Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 smack in the middle of the page to remind you…. Do not call to mind the former things…… or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I will do something new….

This is the book that turned my direction from asking God for help in things.. to full on praying for satan to flee my presence and stop torturing me.  This literally is the book that opened my eyes to what and how satan attacks even within my beautiful family.

Of course he would want to destroy every member of my family.  We are Christian’s.  We don’t hide that fact.  Of course he would love nothing more then to see my family fall into the trash heap of his dump…. For all to see us in shambles…. And point to everyone in the community… why would you want to be like them????   See how ruined they are?

Lord knows he has tried.  And the only reason he hasn’t succeeded is because we have clung to the tiniest section of Jesus’ robe.  Holding on for dear life… and trusting in the Lord for His guidance.  Yes, sometimes it is so hard to keep our grip tightly intact.  Sometimes we have to readjust our thinking and focus… and sometimes we flat out fail and have to grasp again.

And this is where I sigh…. Breath in deeply and remember… that God allows U-Turns.  Oregon’s driving laws might not.. unless posted… but God does… at any time.. anywhere… He allows U-Turns to flee the deceptive ways and run to Him.. the one who saves!

This book is the book you need to read to gain the insight on just how sneaky satan really is.  So that you can put that knowledge to work to combat his attacks….. Tuck the book on your book shelf… close enough that you can run to it… reference it… and cling tighter to the One that matters…


The one that saves… and doesn’t deceive or confuse.

During this book she mentioned ever so lightly about the Sabbath.  And that stuck with me.  I wondered what she really meant by it.  I am a go-go-go gal and the thought of resting… was well… a foreign form of torture for me.  So when I read that.. and couldn’t stop thinking about it.. I looked up to see if she wrote anything on the sabbath… sure enough she did…and we are going to talk about that next week!

Oh my sweet friends.. I pray right now, that those reading this begin to have the crystal clarity of satan and how he is attacking you in your life this very moment.  May his ways be exposed…. And may you pray fervently for God’s protection and covering over you.


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