Bible Study Review: Breath By Priscilla Shirer

Bible Study Review: Breath By Priscilla Shirer Remember last week we talked about the book I read and loved Fervent?  Well this week I want to talk about a bible study and how I came about taking it. She talked about resting and practicing the Sabbath slightly in the Fervent book.  And it got me…

Book Review: Fervent By Priscilla Shirer

This book should be on every believing women’s bookshelf to pull out and read when the enemy even thinks of attacking her. It should be marked up and dog eared and well read to prevent the takeover of our heart.

Book Review: Laugh Again by Chuck Swindoll

And the most interesting thing of all… as I practiced what Paul and Swindoll wrote… I started to truly experience outrageous Joy… even after I just spent the last 20 minutes in the cold outside rescuing a chicken that somehow escaped the safety of her yard.

Bible Study Review: Job By Lisa Harper

If you have ever been through a period of time in your life when the world just doesn’t make sense… Life just seems to keep hitting you over the head and you just want to hide under the covers till it all ends… This study will help you realize that you can not only do it…But you can shine the love of God while you do. All the while why considering it a privileged to be allowed to go through such horrid times!

Book Review: The Proverbs 31 Police Wife

There are a few things that I hold very dear to my world… (other then my Lord and Husband that is…) Police Wives…. AKA LEOW’s and Dispatchers. Mainly because I am a police wife and I was a dispatcher.   Secondly because both are vastly misunderstood and even those that think they understand….. Unless they are……

Book Review: Love Does/Everybody Always

Imagine you are standing in a stadium full of people…. Some you know and many you don’t. And each one… one by one… they come up to you and poke you in the shoulder. After the first few hundred your shoulder starts to hurt, but the poking keeps happening. You’re in pain and you literally shut yourself down, because you see the line of people… and there is no place for you to go.. but to keep getting poked….

Everybody always is the kind of book where Bob see’s you.. and instead of standing in line to poke you… he walks up to you and says… “Do you like getting poked?”

Book Review: The Simple Church

People need to feel that they are needed. When someone walks in the door and is asked to do a job.. no matter if they are members or not.. they are more apt to stick around and see if they are needed more. The more the person is at church.. the more Jesus might rub off on them!!!!!

Book Review: Why Her? Why I LOVED This Book.

Let’s talk about The Book:  Why Her? By Nicki Koziarz For years I would watch a dear friend of mine talk about dates and get together’s she was having.  I envied her life.  And I felt left out.  Why didn’t she invite me to all the other gatherings she was going to? Or maybe just…