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Building Community A Tea Party for Sweet Little Friends

I love to love on my friends.

Fuel Your Story My Birthday Surprise

Everyone should have a spouse that treats them as if they are the most special person in their universe.

November Card Challenge is here with 1 paper pad and all the Christmas Cards I Can Make!

One way we find time to do this is to create it as an event. It is normally done on black Friday when everyone is shopping or that following Saturday. We mark it out in the calendar and are intentional with our time. It’s that important to us.

Week 1 of Building a Hiline Home We Call Them Estimates

Trust me don’t call them bids. Call them Estimates.

Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden

Life in the garden is precious.  We recently had to move a large amount of plants.  So come with me as we check in on them and see their surprising progress. Thank you for watching.  Please leave a comment and we will get back… Continue Reading “Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden”

Week 0 of Building a Hiline Home The Announcement

So many have wondered what we have been up to. I ripped out the garden.. I tore all the plants out that I so dearly lovingly put into place… Why???

My Happy Planner Order Mishap from and Lessons Learned

What if we looked at these errors as a way to make a difference in the world… to make it a little better then it was before????

Unboxing The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 and Goodbye To My Cilantro

Yep.. You read that right… My husband bought a drone and we are now unpacking it.  Do you think he will wait to use it till he can read the instructions? No… I don’t either. So I grab the instructions and frantically start reading… Continue Reading “Unboxing The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 and Goodbye To My Cilantro”

Permaculture – Observation in the Garden

Life in the garden is precious. An old fashion garden should be full of life and pollinating insects. This is what I strive for and happiness overflows when you see such abundant life.

What Planner Did I Choose?

I may be retired, but it’s obvious I need to start planning my life like an adult!