A Letter To A Friend…..

Part way through writing a letter to a friend… Where I literally sit down and pour out whatever God wants me to say… I just sit in front of the keyboard and pray “Lord, you take over….”  I am either hilarious as she has written back or thought provoke… But this time I got the feeling I was to share this letter to my sweet friend.. with others that need to hear it… I have removed the names…

Hello #######,


I was so tickled pink when you saw the car that looked like #######’s and he actually got out of it.  What a true blessing!!!

I have been working hard… but it doesn’t appear that way.  As I sit here I am seeing the weeds are clearly winning the battle.  They have overgrown the property that I can almost not see the chicken coop.  Sad… but my reality.  I will, when I can’t take it anymore put everything on hold and get the scythe and chop it all down.  The chickens will balk in glee as they know I will then not want it to go to waste and rake it all up and throw it in their space….

They sit there at the fence line begging for the scraps.

Almost like us as humans.  Sitting at the feet of Jesus begging for his crumbs…. When we have been given the invitation of sitting and walking daily with Him.

Quite sad if you sit and ponder it actually.  We are so willing to give up everything and just settle for the shards of what falls on the ground… when in reality He is offering and pleading for us to just…. Follow…. Him!!!!!

I write clearly for myself there.  A lifelong lesson of falling and picking myself back up…. Only to turn to the human desires once again and fall….. again…..

One would think they would learn… But… Our hearts were designed for a perfect world.. with a perfect garden… and that won’t come again till Jesus returns… So we have to keep reminding ourselves that this is not our home… this is just a stop in the bus line…

How many seeds can we drop along the way… while we wait for our next bus to come pick us up… how many lives can we touch for Him and His glory till we load up on the final bus… for our final destination…??

I have so many friends that are in pain daily… struggles they believe are theirs to carry.. and hang-up’s and habits… some tell me they just can’t wait for Jesus to come… and it hurts my heart.  I know the struggles are hard… To be honest.. I know your situation is hard.. and your friends.  Your freedoms are limited and I look at Paul’s life… Imprisoned in a cell he couldn’t even stand up in… and the writings that he wrote and the encouragement that he left us all!!!!!  Till Jesus took him home… I will admit I am saddened by so many people that want so desperately for the world to end and for God to come down and take all the believer’s home.  To eternity.

Yes, that sounds so amazing and I rejoice at the thought…. But will I truly be happy with it being my time that Jesus come’s home?  Will I truly be able to enjoy the moment with the thought that I wanted it so desperately God left people on the battle field that hadn’t yet come to know HIM!!!?

I stand firm in ….. I will wait for HIS perfect time to come for us… I will live with my pains and hurts and hang-up’s till His time… Till all the people He is waiting on come to know Him as deeply as you and I do.  That they come to cherish Him in the way that we do.  That they experience the loving hand of God picking them up off the floor… wiping their tears…. Whispering LOVE… into their soul… awakening the spirit inside of them….. and calling them to His side… to be with Him into eternity….

I can live another day if it means that one more person will come to know Jesus!  Heck I waited 20+ years praying for a relative to become clean and come to Jesus!!!!  A few years ago I got to go to their church with him….

Talk about tears of JOY!!!!  Pure JOY!!!!

Stories are amazing my dear friend.  The bible is full of them… True life stories… that touch and impact us…. That teach us each time we read them a little more about ourselves and the God that we both love… I pour over them daily receiving the insight from God…. Loving on Him…

Yet, we have to remember that those stories are still being written… On the hearts of real life people every single day… those stories are real… they are His… they are meant to be shared with others.. to encourage people to keep moving…

I have had such a privilege… From God my friend.. to hear the stories of God working in our women around us in this present age and time…. From pain to rejoicing.. I am overflowing with the love and knowledge that God is active in our lives TODAY… He is not only ACTIVE He is totally hands on and feet in!!!!!

Get up and dance my friend!  Dance in your space with your arms raised up and rejoice with me that HE is loving on you and I and your sweet friend #######!   He is creating in us a new heart… one that is strong and able to reach people no one else but we can reach… our stories are unique and individually formed… HE WILL use them if we let Him to reach others…

We live in an area that would rather have us be quiet.  We hide our faith behind doors because it would be easier than to face the criticism of when we fall…. Rather we need to be open and honest with our struggles… sharing them to shine the light on God.. that we are not going to stop fighting… We are not quitters… we are going to fight the evil that is in our path.. we are going to push forward and all our struggles are going to be counted as pure JOY as we look toward the Father and His perfect LOVE!!!!

What would this area be like if we were standing in front of open doors.. instead of behind them closed?  What would it look like if others that were in pain like us.. could easily find us… to seek us… to learn about the wonderful savior that we have….?

I will not stop fighting for this….. I will not be quiet and I will not close the door… To do so… in my eye’s is going against what Christ came on earth for… for each one of us He bared Himself to die for our sins… and how utterly sad we so willingly give them up and stuff them in a closet in fear of what a community will think of us… in our bare bold honesty.

I am broken my friend… I am so broken… My pieces of clay have been shattered and by allowing Christ into my heart… The Potter has reshaped me into a new person… one that desires to be used by Him… The Potter….  He has remade me into a new creation and I just need to stop and take that as truth!

Oh my sweet friend…. The enemy is so real… why are people so afraid to label the elephant in the room?

For a few weeks I have been working on a large project.. one I am pretty sure is exactly what God wants me to talk about…. I uploaded the first video in a series… last night… Or at least I believe it uploaded… I am scared to go in and check to see.. mainly because I am in fear of what many will say…. “She thinks so highly of herself… “ Which I do not… “She doesn’t know anything” That I agree with ….

People can be so mean…. So lost and so cruel… But my man is correct… it needs to be heard.. and I am boldly going to say it… And I will have to stand on the knowledge that if it could reach and help just one person it will all be worth it….


I just went and checked…. Yikes it posted!!!!!!  Oh dear… God be with me… I need You…

It’s a series on how God gives us specific things… gifts.. talents that are unique and special for us… to fill us up and be used … in my belief… to love on others… a 6 part youtube series… silly I know.. thinking people will want to hear me.. and such… but like I said… if it can help just one person… I am willing to look like a mess to all the others…

My sweet friend… I miss you.  I love you and I am praying.. for safety for you.. and for many many really cool shopping adventures!!!!  How cool is that???!!! I must admit I am one of those rare women that hates to shop.  Stick a keyboard in front of me and I am in my happy place…

Currently I am sitting here.. in the tiny corner of the kitchen.. staring out at the bay… with a breeze flowing through the window.. the right shoulder is cold.. the left is warm…. That’s ####### for ya… and I am loving on you… typing on the keyboard enjoying this moment AS IF YOU WERE SITTING ACROSS FROM ME!

Read this all again… but read it with my animated hand motions and leaning in to you when I exclaim Jesus’ name…. the love that overflows my heart when I speak of God and His love…. Read it again!

Have you ever met people that know of your struggles but they are scared to say things around you?  In fear to hurt you or state the absolute OBVIOUS???

Ya, that isn’t me.

And it drives me nuts when people do that to me.

Yes… I know I am a sinner… I know I have done things that many would judge and condemn. and many in my own community would rather not hang around with me…. But I take immense JOY in the fact that Jesus himself came for the sinners…. HE CAME FOR US!!!!!!

Not just to say ‘hey’ and walk away…. He came to say… “Hey Follow ME!!!!!”  He came to build us up and love on us and send us out…..

Get this… His disciple’s….. He only had 3 years on earth to train them….. We spend our whole life thinking we aren’t ready… we aren’t Christian Mature enough… to go out into the world…. And here it is smack dab in front of us… 3 years!!!!!!!  And He left them all with the same tools He has left us!!!!!!

You and I have actually MORE then they had… we have the written word… to reference.. granted they had the actual teachings… but they also didn’t know what the future held for us all…. My sweet friend… don’t waste one moment… Drop those seeds of faith along your path… Don’t be afraid.. don’t stop sharing.. God is right there with you… Loving on you.. and building you up and when you least feel like it.. He is whispering in your soul…. His undying love for you… giving you strength not only to overcome what you are going through… but to sustain you till He comes for us all.


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Jesus lover. Wife. Mother. Writer. Homesteader. Permaculturist. Do'er of the odd things as I take you on my daily journey's of what I find beautiful. If you are reading this... I am treating you as a dear friend. Or one of our beautiful daughters. Life is worth fighting for and excelling in. Never give up!

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