The gateway to a craft addiction….

So a friend of mine has hinted about wanting to start crafting.  Specifically about making cards. I have hesitated to get her involved in it because…. well.. it can be an addiction… And I kind of like hanging around this friend. So why would I introduce her to an addiction that could take her awayContinue reading “The gateway to a craft addiction….”

Studio Time: What Makes You Happy The Assignment 2 of 6

  The second in a series of finding what makes you happy.  Not someone else.. but you.  This will be the assignment.  Where you work on figuring it out.   In the upcoming series we will be talking about why and how we feel led to these particular items.  Why they bring us happiness andContinue reading “Studio Time: What Makes You Happy The Assignment 2 of 6”

Studio Time: What makes you happy? Finding Your Passion in Life –

Welcome to The Studio… And our first ever Studio session together….. Have you ever wished you had time to do something? What would that something be? Do you even know anymore? Several weeks ago I finally took the courage to walk into the studio and clean it out…. And this is the journey…. Stay tunedContinue reading “Studio Time: What makes you happy? Finding Your Passion in Life –”

A Letter To A Friend…..

Part way through writing a letter to a friend… Where I literally sit down and pour out whatever God wants me to say… I just sit in front of the keyboard and pray “Lord, you take over….”  I am either hilarious as she has written back or thought provoke… But this time I got theContinue reading “A Letter To A Friend…..”

Holding on To Faraway Friends…

Many of us have them.  Friends that we held so dearly to and spent decades with only to have circumstances arise and one or both of you move away. I have that… With many friends.  And it makes for some very lonely moments when you have such a history with someone that you long toContinue reading “Holding on To Faraway Friends…”