November Card Challenge is here with 1 paper pad and all the Christmas Cards I Can Make!

Christmas cards are huge in our family.  We send out triple digits and we sign each one and we use this moment to love on people.  Our people… The #ChosenFamily in our world.

One way we find time to do this is to create it as an event.  It is normally done on black Friday when everyone is shopping or that following Saturday.  We mark it out in the calendar and are intentional with our time.  It’s that important to us.

We make dinner together and set the Christmas Music to our favorite tunes.  We light candles and create an event to sit down with fabulous pens that write smooth and take the time… To relax, and celebrate!

The paper pad I got at Michael’s but it doesn’t appear to be there… So Amazon is selling it here…  Oh goodness I may never leave a pad of paper I remotely like sitting in the store again!!!!!


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Jesus lover. Wife. Mother. Writer. Homesteader. Permaculturist. Do'er of the odd things as I take you on my daily journey's of what I find beautiful. If you are reading this... I am treating you as a dear friend. Or one of our beautiful daughters. Life is worth fighting for and excelling in. Never give up!

4 thoughts on “November Card Challenge is here with 1 paper pad and all the Christmas Cards I Can Make!

  1. Excited to see what you create with all that. Since I don’t use the Cricut in my card making it is always cool to see what you made using it. Last year I sent out 50 cards. It is sad..with FB I have a lot of friends but so many of them I don’t have addresses for. So last year I started to update my address book. Once again I loved watching your video. Until later my friend.


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