Week 2 and 3 We’re Calling It Quits – Building a HiLine Home

#Hiline #Homehomes #BuildingourDreamHome

So many have wondered what we have been up to. I ripped out the garden.. I tore all the plants out that I so dearly lovingly put into place… Why???
Why would I do such a thing?
Follow us along on our dream!

They were right when they told us this would be the hardest part….

You can view the floorplans and get all their information here: https://www.hilinehomes.com/

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2 Comments on “Week 2 and 3 We’re Calling It Quits – Building a HiLine Home

  1. I thought that all those permits were part of the builders problems not yours. What a mess to get everything. Praying all permits pass.


    • Not when you build a Hiline home. Which is where the savings really comes from. There’s ground work for us… totally doable! Thank you for watching!!


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