It Take’s Courage to Live in the Light

Because I realize that WHAT I am watching is how we as Christians SHOULD be living! We should be living in pure view of the world. So unbelievers and believers can see how God works. How forgiveness happens. How love restores and faith is real!

2018 – Looking Back

I sit here… Looking out at this beautiful view that God created just for me… And I am overwhelmed at His love for us.  2018 was a year we declared as Growth and Healing.  A year we were spending to recover from the hell of 2016 and 2017. We needed the entire year to recover….

Old Fashioned Is Just Who I Am.

Let’s set the scene…. The music is playing… Easy on the ears with a nice melody to welcome someone in the door after a long day of working. The home is warm.. with the wafting scent of freshly baked cornbread in the air. The sausage and bean soup my man loves is on the stove-top…

Finding the solution to escape the Chaos.

There is one thing I learned from my years of being a dispatcher: The little stuff isn’t worth fighting over!  And… it’s all little stuff! Seriously, 98% of life…. is all little stuff! Ok.. I just made up that percentage.  But I am going out on a limb to say it’s correct. Think about it…….

Maggie and KY: There’s a Solution to Everything!

Let me set the stage for you…. It’s evening and we are finishing up our farm chores.  My husband often gives me little things to do of which I always say, “Sure thing!” Seriously, I do! He is coming down the hall and as he passes me in the living room he points to Maggie…