My Happy Planner Order Mishap from and Lessons Learned

Sometime’s life just lends itself to funny moments and sometimes you just have to stop and look at something differently and laugh….

Yes, I know to some this would drive people nuts… A wrong order would throw their lives into a tail spin… and to have it happen again the same exact way it would just cause it all to stop….

And for some it would anger them and declare… never again will I order from them….

But what if we stopped and really looked at it as a way that we get to bless people.. We get to show love.. we get to discover an issue and help a company not upset more people… and what if we get to shower a mistake on to someone else as a blessing gift???

What if we looked at these errors as a way to make a difference in the world… to make it a little better then it was before????

Someday these stickers will live at my house… Till that day… Get them from Amazon or try at your own risk till they fix the site.  J


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Jesus lover. Wife. Mother. Writer. Homesteader. Permaculturist. Do'er of the odd things as I take you on my daily journey's of what I find beautiful. If you are reading this... I am treating you as a dear friend. Or one of our beautiful daughters. Life is worth fighting for and excelling in. Never give up!

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