Review of the Chef Choice Meat Slicer

Why would you buy a meat slicer? You might be asking yourself that question. I did for so many years… Till I asked a friend how she got her homemade bread sliced so perfectly and she laughed exclaiming she just used her meat slicer!

That right there was genius!!!

I was also making our own lunch meat and was having a hard time getting perfectly sliced pieces… So I really started thinking about it.

And then I researched and found a vast different in pricing and quality and pricing!!!

After reading all the reviews I settled on this guy…. Chef’s Choice 609A it is going for 139.99 right now.. Slightly more then what I paid for it 2 years ago. But still a great deal considering some of twice that price.

We also added this blade that would allow us to cut our own hard cheeses… At 36.50 for the blade I like having the option for doing cheeses and softer items.

The above links are amazon affiliate links. No extra charge to you, but I do get a small commission on the purchase. And I would really appreciate it!

In all honesty you don’t need the slicer. I am however glad I have this bad boy and it saved on the wear and tear of my hands. While providing me with the perfect sliced bread and meats that make my CDO heart happy.

Here is my review of it on TikTok… and the following of it in action…


Replying to @ginam6025 this is the meat slicer. I have written a review of it on our website with direct links for you. website in my bio

♬ original sound – The Bettencourt’s

Here are the links to Tik Tok that show it in action.


meat slicers are amazing for slicing bread…. multi use tools. #homemade #bread #meatslicer

♬ I’m So Hungry – Karter Zaher

And here’s the final video where I show the meat it sliced…


is it cheaper to make our own lunch meat or buy it from the store.? (spoiler… we keep spices on hand…. and we didn’t count those in the total. because salt and pepper could be used) #lunchmeat #homestead #homemade #meat #brisket #savingmoney

♬ original sound – The Bettencourt’s


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