Book Review: The Life Ready Woman… Thriving in a Do-it-all World

Let’s do a book review that I have been wanting to review since the moment I finished reading it…. The Life Ready Woman Thriving in a Do-it-all World by Shaunti Feldhahn and Robert Lewis

It seriously is an awesome book!  So let’s dig in.


I have had a few questions in my heart that I keep pondering over wondering when and if and how I will find the answers.  I don’t fret over it, because God seems to bring the answers to me in just the right time.  But one of the questions I have is about women working out of the home.  Or working working… period.  The other question is what the world focuses on… on how girls can do anything… But the bible specifically gives us roles… And our world and culture has changed drastically… I often wonder how and if the roles are getting blurred and changed on us without us really looking deeper into it.

Recently I have been feeling the desire to actually go out into the work force.  But after reading “The Most Excellent Wife” where it specifically states wives are not to work outside of the home I sat back and felt a little deflated.  I don’t want to go against what God’s view of a wife is… But I also wondered why God would place a burden or love on my heart and tell me because I am married, that burden will just remain that… a burden.

It doesn’t fit in my world of what God tells me He is.

And then there is Proverbs 31.  Verse 16 to be exact where it reads… ‘She evaluates a field and buys it; she plants a vineyard with her earnings.’ and drop down to verse 18 where the first part reads ‘She sees that her profits are good…’.  My friends I am reading this and the whole chapter sounds like she is literally running and working a business here.  With employee’s that she is personally taking care of!   And my question that ponders in the back of my mind is why are we telling women today that they should be happy in the home and not working?  When it appears to me that women worked and God provided examples for us in the bible!

So I use my breath prayers through these several years to ponder these questions and raise them up to God for Him to help me find the answers.  Because in my heart, I know the answer.  I just can’t form it into concrete evidence.

So go back 2 weeks and I am walking down the isle of the Lifeway Christian Store in Beaverton, Oregon.  And right there on the end shelf is this book…. A book that says woman can do it all and thrive!!!!

Sounds to good to be true.

And all these voices start screaming in my head…. that woman should stay at home and be happy.

So I pick up the book.  And as I hear the cashier is ringing up our order I walk up to the front and ask her to add it to the order.

This book answers my questions…. In a way that I can tell you my feelings of knowing I am supposed to do something else then just be a housewife are not only correct feelings… but they are God given!

I stand firm in that knowledge.

I will admit, the first chapter and some of the second were starting to sound like the world to me.  Bashing with a hint of feminism and I almost put it down.  But I kept reading because I truly felt like the answers might be here…

They were.  And the first part ended up being totally needed in the book.  It painted the picture to answer all the questions going forward.

And while I didn’t get 100% of my questions answered… I got enough to move full on with where I believe I am being led.  And that my friends is a freeing feeling!

I love how they talk about the shifts in rolls.. and the cultures… and where the women stay in the home role actually came from…

I then love how they unpacked Adam and Jesus… and tied them together…

Then they unpacked Eve and Mary… And what God called them each to do…

Then they hit on the 3 major callings that God gives each person on this earth…

And it’s as she is unpacking the 3rd one that it hits me full on….. My gifting!  We are to use our gifting and passions for God in our homes and on the earth…

And flooding in my brain are the friends I have… The amazing female NICU nurses I know that save babies lives and hold up their mommies teaching them to care for their preemie babies.  They have a gift.

The female kick-rear attorney’s I know that win cases and change history in this world we live in for the better.

The bakery owner’s I know that make me cupcakes and spread a smile and happiness my way on a sad dark dreary day.

The shop owner that sets aside a special treat for me as I walk in and see her every month checking on her… as she fills me up with God-friend love.

The Female Police Officer that comes to the scene of a rape victim to hold a victims hand as she undergoes her examination.

A female dispatcher answering the call of a women that has just been beaten and stabbed by her husband… and how her sweet calming voice on the phone brings comfort.

The sweet friend that just started a gym that has a God given gift of encouraging and loving on people… she believes in people that can’t even believe in themselves!  That is a gift!!!!

My friends… all of these women are married with families and love God to their fullest!  But some in society, (and that book I read prior) makes them out to be selfish people after their own careers and not a good wife.

Whirling around in my mind was if all women didn’t work who would care for the women needing help?  Or the babies?  Women are gifted with talents and comforting ways that don’t come naturally to many men.  (read the book before commenting)

But this book…. ties in Scripture and examples after examples of why we are supposed to do just that…. Go out into the world with what God has given us… and use the talents we have…. For HIM!

So what about our families?

I love how she ties that all together.  Honestly, this is a book that each young Christian daughter should be given while she is in her senior year of high school.  She can have it all.. but she can have it all without guilt or regret with the right planning and foresight!

Our goals will change.  What we ‘think’ we want before we meet the man of our dreams.. and what we really want after we get married… down to when we have kids… to when the kids grow up to when disaster strikes… They lay it out clearly… They even talk about the husband and the kinds of men and what they think… and I can tell you from the people I have met… that I found the information to be spot on with the women and men that I have had the privilege of getting to know.  God made us equal to Man.. but with a different role.  They explains it better then I ever will be able to.  I will say this… My concept of man as the head… and me as the helper… is so clearly defined now that my household has changed for the better.

If that was even possible.  😉

I know that question you have right now… I don’t even know my passion?  They help you figure out how to find that…. I know!!!!!  Mind boggling in one small book right???

And you’re a stay at home mom with lots of kids.. and no time… But you’re miserable because you have a talent and the world says you should be satisfied??  They unpack that also.

You’re depressed… and don’t see a purpose… they unpack that also.

My friends…. Literally a life changing book.  A book that gives you the tools and information to help you understand that the way God made you was NOT to be miserable.. It was to love on others.. and share God with the world.. and exactly how to do that in your busy world…

I’m going to stop here and say… I know beautiful women that already have this figured out.  And this would still be a great book to read.  Especially if you have daughters.

This book took my focus off of not working and just being a housewife… to sharing my God given passions in this world.   I knew something was missing since I retired from 911… and I figured it out with the help of this book (and a few others).

Now here’s there I tell you the bad….

My only 2 complaints with the book is it is  1. written by 2 people in first person.  And the way they wrote it.. buy always saying I (shaunti)… or I (Robert) was getting a little tedious and taking away from the moments I was having with the book.  And 2.  There is a video series that they keep mentioning in the book.  Which, honestly, I wish they mentioned it once and then stopped bringing up the fact I was missing out on other content.  It was making me sad.

I did find an email contact for the book and emailed with the question of where to find the videos.  Ms. Duncan Replied with the following:

Yes there is a study that goes with it. If you have a right now media subscription you can watch them on there. If not the study guide and leaders kit is being rebranded as Find Balance and released by iDisciple soon.

I sadly don’t have a right now media account.  😦

I am just going to sit here right now and pray that this new rebranding takes off and women from all over find their passion and love and go off and spread God’s love while raising amazing kids and loving on their sweet husbands.

As my mom used to always tell me…. Where there is a way… there is a will!



There are a few affiliate links in this blog.  They are here for your convenience to find the book.. and won’t cost you a penny but will help pay for this website. 


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