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Today I show you how we looked inside many different model homes without even leaving the comfort of our own home.

Week 6 of Building a Hiline Home – Time To Submit For Permits

No seriously.. I put my purse on the counter and was so nervous and scared they have no idea how close I came to throwing up in it.

Building Community A Tea Party for Sweet Little Friends

I love to love on my friends.

Week 5 of Building a Hiline Home – Let’s Talk DEQ Inspections and Poop!

Fred… what were you thinking????

Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!

This is our journey in the building of our dream home.  It’s not paid by HiLine in anyway.  All though I wouldn’t be opposed if they wanted to put a side garage door in for me… We forgot to add that in. Our journey… Continue Reading “Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!”