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Studio Time: What Makes You Happy The Assignment 2 of 6

  The second in a series of finding what makes you happy.  Not someone else.. but you.  This will be the assignment.  Where you work on figuring it out.   In the upcoming series we will be talking about why and how we feel… Continue Reading “Studio Time: What Makes You Happy The Assignment 2 of 6”

2018 – Looking Back

I sit here… Looking out at this beautiful view that God created just for me… And I am overwhelmed at His love for us.  2018 was a year we declared as Growth and Healing.  A year we were spending to recover from the hell… Continue Reading “2018 – Looking Back”

Finding the solution to escape the Chaos.

There is one thing I learned from my years of being a dispatcher: The little stuff isn’t worth fighting over!  And… it’s all little stuff! Seriously, 98% of life…. is all little stuff! Ok.. I just made up that percentage.  But I am going… Continue Reading “Finding the solution to escape the Chaos.”