Boxer Maggie Grace Thinks She’s a Hunter

Maggie and I used to hunt ‘together’ when she was young she never learned from the other dogs how to do basic dog things. So over the course of the years with her, her and I would ‘hunt’ together. Meaning we would spend hours looking for odd things that fascinated her. Sure I would stopContinue reading “Boxer Maggie Grace Thinks She’s a Hunter”

Maggie and KY: There’s a Solution to Everything!

Let me set the stage for you…. It’s evening and we are finishing up our farm chores.  My husband often gives me little things to do of which I always say, “Sure thing!” Seriously, I do! He is coming down the hall and as he passes me in the living room he points to MaggieContinue reading “Maggie and KY: There’s a Solution to Everything!”