Maggie and KY: There’s a Solution to Everything!

Let me set the stage for you….

It’s evening and we are finishing up our farm chores.  My husband often gives me little things to do of which I always say, “Sure thing!”

Seriously, I do!

He is coming down the hall and as he passes me in the living room he points to Maggie Grace and looks at me and says…

“I need you to stop by the store tomorrow on your errands and pick me up a tube of the KY jelly.”

To which I immediately start backing up…. eye’s wide open as the K and Y come out of his mouth… and begin to protest… “NO!”  again… “No!”

Mostly out of disbelief he is asking this of me…. but also out of a little defiance…. quite honestly out of fear!!!!

He goes on to explain, “I’ll need it for this weekend when I clean out her anal glands.”  He looks at Maggie and comments, “We are about to get really personal you and I.”

You see, he is thinking of purely innocent reasons of why he needs it.. I am thinking of all the reasons as to why the people and the store will think I am going to use it!!!!!

I am full on freak out mode…. to the point I am sure neighbors heard.  Not yelling.. but freaking out… “No No No No… we live in a SMALL county!!!!!!  People are going to talk!!!! I do not want to be the girl that buys KY jelly in the small county!!!!!!!!”

My man is totally laughing at me…. “Well we need it and I can’t pick it up.” (he has a job where that is impossible.. and we live 40 minutes from the town… He has a legit point here folks!!

By this time I am chanting “No no no Girlfriend.. NO!!!!!!”  as my brain is quickly trying to work around a scenario of how I can complete this request and NOT be defiant to my man!

This is where he goes out to collect eggs…. and I hop on Amazon.

They sell KY Jelly!!!!!!

Did you know you can not only buy it on Amazon and have it shipped to you in a brown box.. but you can also have it by the exact day off that it is needed????

There truly is a solution to everything!

So… Hubby comes back into the house… I tell him “No worries it will be here in 48 hours!”

He looks at me puzzled.. and I confess… “Amazon!”  Oh and I also bought you the new Lauren Daigle Album Look Up Child“…


“and the new Kings and county cd” (He loves music…)
“But I only spent .81 cent’s because I found a 25.00 gift card a friend sent me… so I used that!!!!!  ”

He is now a very happy man.. laughing at me and my resourcefulness!

As I walk down the hall I just said… trailing… “It’s a small county!!!!!!!!”


The good news is Maggie will have her anal glands checked in comfort and she most likely will get a beach visit out of it…

The bad news is Amazon is now trying to get me to buy ‘other’ things that, well… I don’t need or want!!!!!


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