Permaculture – Observation in the Garden

Life in the garden is precious. An old fashion garden should be full of life and pollinating insects. This is what I strive for and happiness overflows when you see such abundant life.

Unboxing The Happy Planner

I know, it seems so silly to talk about what planner I purchased.  But when you get right down to it there are so many reasons why I purchased the one I did.  So I go over the products I go and why I did. Keep in mind I am adding to my original HappyContinue reading “Unboxing The Happy Planner”

Fix Your Washing Machine and Other Odd Things That Motivate You!

I know, it sounds so odd that fixing a washing machine can literally jump start your whole new way of thinking…. I have always been someone that fixes things and tinkers with things… It’s just who I am.  If something is broken, you fix it.  There’s no reason to have something laying around that isn’tContinue reading “Fix Your Washing Machine and Other Odd Things That Motivate You!”