Today I show you how we looked inside many different model homes without even leaving the comfort of our own home.

Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!

This is our journey in the building of our dream home.  It’s not paid by HiLine in anyway.  All though I wouldn’t be opposed if they wanted to put a side garage door in for me… We forgot to add that in. Our journey is out of the Salem Oregon Office and as we spokeContinue reading “Week 4 of Building a Hiline Home – We Got Em!”

Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden

Life in the garden is precious.  We recently had to move a large amount of plants.  So come with me as we check in on them and see their surprising progress. Thank you for watching.  Please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Subscribe if you wouldContinue reading “Permaculture – Checking the Lower Garden”

Boxer Maggie Grace Thinks She’s a Hunter

Maggie and I used to hunt ‘together’ when she was young she never learned from the other dogs how to do basic dog things. So over the course of the years with her, her and I would ‘hunt’ together. Meaning we would spend hours looking for odd things that fascinated her. Sure I would stopContinue reading “Boxer Maggie Grace Thinks She’s a Hunter”

Unboxing The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 and Goodbye To My Cilantro

Yep.. You read that right… My husband bought a drone and we are now unpacking it.  Do you think he will wait to use it till he can read the instructions? No… I don’t either. So I grab the instructions and frantically start reading them…. Do you think I can read fast enough to keepContinue reading “Unboxing The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 and Goodbye To My Cilantro”